Vision and Mission

Be the global preferred choice for renewable energy resource optimisation and management systems.

Combine state of art methodologies and technology to maximise commercial success of renewable energy resources globally.



Aquiloz delivers next generation power prediction and decision support systems for operators of wind farms. By deploying cutting edge methodologies, including physical flow modelling, and optimizing use of historical and real time operational SCADA data, we are better able to understand and explain the complexity of wind power prediction down to the individual turbine.


Aquiloz was established in February 2011. The aim of the founders was to bring trading and optimization routines as well as technology from the financial energy markets to the renewables sector to improve its commercial viability. In the first years of operation, focus was on the R&D activities required to lay the foundation for development of a state of the art forecasting system for wind farm owners and operators. Aquiloz works closely with several large European utilities to tailor the system to market requirements.

Aquiloz has benchmarked the performance of the system against existing solutions. The results show significant improvement over the best existing solutions, both for day ahead and intraday forecasts for land based and offshore wind farms. Aquiloz will start the commercialization roll out of the Aquiloz Wind Power Suite in 2014 with Europe as the first market targeted.


The Aquiloz management team consist of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. The team has a well balanced background combining in-deepth knowledge of the energy markets with proven record in developing IT systems suitable for real time opertions in trading environments. 


Gunnar Egidius,


Steinar Dragsnes,


Trond Svanes Jensen
Director of R&D,


Rune Reisegg Jacobsen,
Team Lead, Snr System Dev,