Our Solutions

The next generation Wind Power Prediction & Trading Information system for wind park owners and grid operators.

For the Trader

Better power predictions, in real time, provides better trading opportunities and timing.

Take the probability of the forecast into consideration in your trading decisions.

Near real time re-calculated forecasts that is integrated with operational SCADA data.

For the Forecaster

Better and richer data, the Aquiloz system gives you a crystal ball where others supply a black box.

Flexible and modular forecasting engine suitable for predicting power output from wind farms with different information sets.

Clear benchmarking of parks and turbines indicates where we should focus our efforts.

For Balance and Scheduling

Intelligent workflow and easy integration with EDM and Scheduling Systems reduces the pressure on operations.

Easy versioning of nominations and forecasts help keeping track of your balance positions.

Consolidate generated documents and resources of actual power nominations and rebalances into one single system.

For the Site Manager

Share the maintence plan with one update.

The system creates easy communication for other stakeholders of site manager’s availability plan of planned and unplanned outages.

Reduces the alternative cost of maintenance by optimizing the logistics of maintenance scheduling.

For IT Operations

Easy to install and operate, low maintenance.

Scalable straight out of the box. Hook up new hardware and Aquiloz WPP will enable the scaling.

The system deploys plug-ins and adaptors to facilitate easy integration with customers’ existing trading, risk management and production planning systems.

For the Risk Manager

Short-term wind power forecasts with high update frequency for accurate estimation of volume exposure and market risks is key for succeeding in volitile markets.

Probabilities, distributions and correlations helps us calculate risk additivity and hedge effectiveness.

Robust interfaces to ETRM system and scheduling system reduces operational risks.

For Management and Asset Owner

Aquiloz will make your wind power more profitable by lower imbalance costs and even greener by lower dependency on fossil fueled balancing power.

Better predictions reduces our political risk by improving the commercial viability of our parks and lowering our dependency on subsidy regimes.

Scalability to operate hundreds of wind farms across multiple balancing areas with near real time calculation performance.